Chemical Peels

The CosMedic Clinic in Invercargill offers Chemical Peels to increase cellular activity and improve the health of your skin.

The Peel procedure can include both exfoliation and metabolic peels and can be superficial to medium depth. An exfoliation peel can increase cellular turnover and stimulate new collagen production during the healing process. These types of peels work to exfoliate the upper layers of the skin. Continuous use of these types of peels should not be used indefinitely without feeding and nourishing the skin. A metabolic peel feeds the skin with important and necessary nutrients which can incorporate peptides and vitamins, such as A and C, in higher doses than your home skin care products. This type of peel may also include exfoliating agents to aid penetration of the vitamins and nutrients resulting in both enhanced absorption of the nutrients and exfoliation.

Each treatment is customized for patient skin type, specific problem areas and the delicate areas of the face. The depth of the peel is dependent on the peel medium applied, the duration of contact, and a person’s skin type and sensitivity.

Peels work to increase cellular activity and improve the health of your skin. They can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, increase luminosity of the skin, improve skin texture and colour, reduce pore size, reduce trans-epidermal water loss, hydrate the skin, and help control acne. A peel does not eliminate sagging or excess skin.